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Compendium 1.5.3 Alpha 5 Release Notes

Welcome to Compendium 1.5.3 Alpha 5.

This is a patch release to fix a bug that caused the Web Maps export not to work properly with FireFox 3. (Bug 683/688)

Additional Fix:

Bug 644: tag names in tag view misaligned when tagged > 10

Apart from these changes the release is identical to 1.5.3 Alpha 4.

(Bug numbers taken from the Compendium Reporting System)

The Team for Compendium 1.5.3 Alpha 5


Software development: Michelle Bachler

Design and requirements: Simon Buckingham Shum, Al Selvin, Michelle Bachler, Jeff Conklin and Maarten Sierhuis

Testing: Simon Buckingham Shum, Al Selvin, Michelle Bachler, Ben Hawkridge

Webmastering: Al Selvin, Michelle Bachler, Simon Buckingham Shum

Funding: Compendium is funded from public research grants. We gratefully acknowledge the support of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation OpenLearn Project, the UK Joint Information Systems Committee MEMETIC project, the UK Economic & Social Research Council/National e-Social Science Centre ECOSENSUS project, and the UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council CoAKTinG project.


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