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Compendium 2.0 Beta 1-NE: Patch Release Notes

This is a small patch to Compendium 2.0 beta 1 to fix an XML export bug.
This is not a full code release.
You must first download and install Compendium 2.0 Beta 1 in order to use this patch.

Downloading and Applying the Patch

Windows / Linux:

Click to download

Download the patch (which comes in a zip file) by clicking on the link above and Extract it into /System/lib. It will replace the compendium.jar and the compendiumcore.jar. It is advisable to copy those 2 files and rename them to keep as a backup first.


Click to Download

Download the patch (which comes in a zip file - sorry about that) by clicking on the link above. This is not a full release build, it is just a new Compendium app file. Put it into your /Applications/Compendium folder and double click it to run Compendium. It is advisable to backup your old compendium app file first.

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